The Celebrity Reporter

“Much to my surprise, Vee’s “Reaching You” (debut album) was not only good, it was phenomenal! The songs are a twist of rock with a little pop and have a southern mist about them. The band Vee definitely has what it takes to go all the way”

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Focus on the Coast

All Area Access

“There are many, many artists of the caliber of John Mayer and Nora Jones out there. Both these artists blew the charts out of the water. There’s a reason. The public is starved for quality audio art. Vee delivers just that. It is my sincerest desire that you should seek this band out and give them the recognition they so fully deserve.”

Rock Metal Bands

“Vee seem to own all the necessary qualities and know every rule, or better said, characteristic, that a band aspiring after becoming the next big thing needs.”

The Beat

“Veronica Lasher’s voice is in great form, and tasty instrumental effects set it up nicely. The geographical implications of “California” make it my favorite bit of songwriting. This EP is chock-full of some of the coolest noodling I’ve heard lately. The production is killer. Vee has put together a nice CD.”

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